About Aunkai

When you look at old masters of any martial art, you notice how they achieve maximum impact on their opponents with very little, light movement of their own. Students dream to achieve that level of lightfooted mastery at some point – very few do. Because what these masters do, they rarely teach. One could wonder if they even realize how different their body behaves to a “mere mortal” training a few times a week. Most people need long years of daily hard training in a specific art – or more – until they find a new level of movement, less aggressive, more “internal” – and much more effective.

Minoru Akuzawa-Sensei was no different – he has decades of experience in various martial arts, from competitive San Da to quiet Tai Chi. The difference with him now is that once he made the leap to the next level, he not only acknowledged it, but devised a method to teach how to train and use a “martial body” most effectively.

To find out more, have a look at the documentary below and on the aunkai website.