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We are offering the first one month without fee for your trial!

Now we are training on
Tuesday and Thursday at 1900-2100. New friends are always welcome!

Fancy some solo training at 2m distance? We are open! https://t.co/MD3P5nbY2L https://t.co/dUZwlI8tA4 aunkaizurich photo


Aunkai Zurich
Aunkai Zurich
We are now training on Tuesday and Thursday 19:00--21:00! New friends are always welcome! We are offering you the first one month without fee for your trial!

Our dojo is at Stoffelstrasse 19, near Oerlikon station!
Aunkai Zurich
Aunkai Zurich
Watch our interview video with Akuzawa-sensei in Mürren, 2019 summer.
Aunkai Zurich
2019 Swiss Training Camp Interview
素晴らしい国 スイス ミューレンキャンプ Wonderful country Switzerland Murren camp #aunkai #aunkaibujutu #akuzawa #Martialarts#budo #bjj #power #kobudo #energy #tradition #train...
Aunkai Zurich
Aunkai Zurich is sharing a COVID-19 Update.
Fancy some solo maho, shiko or ten-chi-jin at 2m distance? Aunkai Zürich is open for training! http://aunkai.ch/aunkai-zurich-is-open-for-training/

Our dojo is closed for Corona time

Dear martial arts community,

our dojo has followed government recommendations and stays closed till further notice. We hope the situation will get back to normal and that we will reopen activity as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please find below solo training suggestions.

Stay tuned for more news from the Aunkai world, and above all, stay safe from invisible, microscopic attackers.

Your Aunkai Zürich Team.

Aunkai and Shiatsu seminar in Leiden, The Netherlands – September 2019

When in Holland… Aunkai

Deny and Nicolas, our friends in the Netherlands, hosted Manabu Watanabe-san, senior instructor at the Aunkai Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, for the first Aunkai and Shiatsu seminar in Leiden.

It was a great event, pleasant atmosphere, friendly students from all over the world and all walks of life, in a beautiful urban setting. We learned a lot about Ten-chi-jin, Shiko and Maho, the three founding exercises of Aunkai, and some of their applications.

Looking forward to the next occasion!

For more information about Aunkai in Leiden, click here.

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Aunkai intensive seminar with Minoru Akuzawa-Sensei, Mürren, Switzerland, August 2019

We went to the mountains…

…for fresh air, but also for the excellent sports facilities in the Bernese Alps. Mürren was an ideal location for a four day intensive Aunkai seminar phone lookup , the second in Switzerland in two years. We welcomed our diverse bunch of friends originating or coming from France, England, Greece, Germany, Italy, Romania, Japan, the Philippines and from various parts of Switzerland for days of intense learning, quality conversations, mountain spirit and good fun.

Aunkai intensive seminar with Minoru Akuzawa-sensei – Wädenswil, June 2018

Once upon a time by the Zürich lake…

Serene Wädenswil by the Zürich lake hosted a merry bunch of very diverse martial arts practitioners for the first Aunkai seminar in Switzerland. First contact with the extraordinary Minoru Akuzawa-Sensei couldn’t have been in a more friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Great training, warm weather, plunging in the lake during lunch break and after training – a pleasure.

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Welcome to Aunkai Zürich!

No matter the martial art you practice, Aunkai will offer new input and help you build skills for using your body more effectively, with more ease and less strain, to support any martial or non-martial technique. What most old masters seem to do but don’t tell, Minoru Akuzawa-Sensei decided to teach, to all our benefit.

The Aunkai Zürich group enjoys the teaching of Akimasa Watanabe-Sensei, 6th Dan Iwama Aikido, who finds Aunkai perfectly matches his quest to a more natural, less straining training, that does not reduce – but enhance – effectiveness. His deep knowledge of martial arts, coupled with input from the Aunkai founder directly, make for an innovative, unusual training. Best way to know it is to experience it – join us on a Tuesday or Thursday 7pm!

More information about Aunkai Zürich are in our “About” page. More information about aunkai – best directly from the source at the Tokyo honbu dojo link.